01 Feb-2023

Future of Caribbean Money Full Replay

By Silicon Caribe   Online Event Video / Film

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Didn't get to attend the two amazing days of learning from the people and businesses re-imagining The Future of Caribbean Money? 

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All nine (9) panels for $59.99 USD : 

  • Trends Influencing the Future of Caribbean Money – Consumer, Technology, Business, and Policy Shifts
  • How to Make Financial Technologies More Mainstream in the Caribbean

  • SunSeaAndSatoshis: How Cryptocurrency is Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship & Investing

  • How Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Alternative Financial Services can increase access to finance for Caribbean Startup and SME’s

  • How Caribbean Creators Can Leverage their Global Culture Capital for NFT Success.

  • Trends & The Caribbean Opportunity in eCommerce and Payments

  • The Shift: Trends on How Caribbean Consumers Can and Are Owning the Flow of their Money.

  • Crypto Isle Panel: Crypto: An Engine for Economic Advancement

  • State of Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Ecommerce and Payments in the French Caribbean and What’s Next

All four (4) Masterclasses:

  • Mastercard: Piffl Clemens - A World Beyond Cash
  • EzeePayments: Narda Ventura - EzeePayments: Setting Up Online Payments 101
  • CryptoCaribbean: Al Kieron Wright - Your First Taste: How to Get Started in Cryptocurrencies
  • Microsoft: Nia Joseph - Blockchain & NFTs_ Positioning, Monetising Talent and existing Business Models

SiliconCaribe's Future of Caribbean Money event replays will show you who and what is reimagining and reshaping how money can work better for Caribbean people and businesses. It's a great event to prepare you for the rest of 2022.


Watch all four (4) Masterclasses PLUS all nine (9) panels for $59.99 USD


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01 Feb 2023 01:00 AM
01 Feb 2023 11:59 PM

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